I’m Single And It’s Okay

Being a single/no-boyfriend-since-birth girl in this generation full of flings and no-biggie relationships is undoubtedly an issue. I mean, it should not be, but why the hell are we making a big deal out of it?

I’ve been existing for almost 21 years now and believe me or not, I’ve never had any romantic relationships before. I’ve had crushes, the ones that make your heart skip a beat whenever they’re around, but that all ends there.

Just glances. Casual conversations. Absolutely zero commitment.

Picture this scene. A girl is peacefully having her me-time moment while sitting alone on a bench. Next to her, a lovely couple sits side-by-side, enjoying each other’s company.

A person in-a-relationship’s POV:

“Oh, the world must seem so lonely for her without a lover. I feel sad for the girl!”

The ‘lonely’ girl’s POV:

“Aaaaahhhh. I love the trees, the sunlight, the air I breathe, and oh, look at that cute little baby! How lovely!”

Ladies and gentlemen, you can be 100% happy even without a lover. Well, I must admit, there are times when I long for someone’s attention but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to be in a relationship.

Wanna know why? I listed down my top three reasons on why you shouldn’t be worried, not even for a little bit, if you haven’t found yourself in a romantic relationship yet.

1. You’re surrounded by gorgeous, strong, and awesome people.

This may sound cliché but, really, who needs a boyfriend when you have friends?! Althroughout my 20 years of existence, I’ve been contented with my small circle of friends. Here’s a pro-tip. One doesn’t really need a large group of friends. Build connections, sure, but you only need like two to three loyal friends who will surely stick with you until the end. You just have to choose carefully.

Besides, being single is far from boring when you have friends who share the same mindset as you.

2. You have all the time in the world to discover who you really are.

This one’s proven and tested, friends.

I am not saying that being in a romantic relationship distracts you from knowing your potentials but, all the time that you have is for you and you alone. You’ll get to know what you really want, make plans for yourself in the future, and discover things you never knew before!

3. Time molds you to be a better person when the perfect moment finally comes.

Being in a relationship in your 20s versus when you’re in highschool makes a large difference. The way you think 5 years ago is somehow different from the way you are looking at things now.

In highschool, I was taught that love is a choice, and that there’s a thin line between loving someone and being infatuated by them. Of course, I didn’t understand a single thing about all of that.

Love to me were the protests of butterflies inside my stomach whenever this person’s around. Love was the feeling of wanting to see this person every hour of everyday. Love was the non-stop talking, and the cheesy jokes in between. That was love to me.

20 years later, I found out that love is nothing but a choice. It isn’t a feeling, because feelings come and go. Love doesn’t. Love comes, and it stays. I’ve read too much articles about successful and failed marriages to stop thinking that someday, this person will sweep me off my feet and we’ll finally live happily ever after.

Time did that.

And when the perfect moment comes, I will be whole and strong. I will make the right choices, and love will finally meet me.

So stop worrying about what others have to say about your relationship status, and just continue what you’re doing.

I’m out for now,

All The Love, L

It’s only 5:14 in the morning and I am kickstarting my day with a cup of coffee while writing this quick post.

Amidst the little disturbances this day would give, I hope we all still find ourselves anchored to whatever we may find worth holding on to. I am trying, little by little, to help in making this world a better place by being kind all the time.

Here’s something I’ve seen on Twitter last night, and I thought this one’s worth sharing. Have a nice day ahead!


“My world has changed, and it’s cradled by the comfort that is you, you.” (Home, Reese Lansangan)

How often do we hear the words, ‘home is not a place, it’s a person’?

Literally, home is a place. But sometimes, it could be a person.

In Filipino, home is translated as tahanan. Tahan means ‘to stop crying’, so tahanan can also mean ‘a place where you can stop your crying’.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? We call a person our home because we seek comfort in them. We feel safe around them.

Home is who we call at whatever time of the day when we can no longer handle things by our own.

Home is who we text ‘How are you?’ at night before we go to sleep despite the time and distance.

Home is when you’re already running out of air because of laughing too much.

Places hold memories, and more often than not, people do too. They do, because they are someone else’s home.

You know how Filipinos used to say, ‘Nakauwi na ‘ko!’ when they reach home? They do that not because they’re already in their own houses. They do that because all the time that they’d been away, someone’s been patiently waiting for them — so they can finally call that place a home.

OJT Diaries: Week One

Week one, done!

I survived the first week of our On-the-Job Training! We were really blessed to have been handled by a nice and approachable person-in-charge. So many good stories were told for the whole week and I can’t wait to share them with you! Don’t worry, I’ll skip the Accounting part. Let’s save that for our daily journal requirements.

Story time!

Day 1

The first day was a bitter-sweet experience. If you can remember, I did a little recap of my first day as an intern here.

So here’s the bitter part. I have to wake up at 5 a.m. (even earlier than that) everyday because I need to consider the traffic. What would you expect, this is Philippines, so that would always be an issue.

The sweet part would be Intramuros. I really like pretty much everything about this place. Intramuros is like a safe haven, away from the noisy and busy streets of Manila. It’s somehow far from where I live (Valenzuela to Manila, no joke) but I secretly like being here so that’s why.

Day 2

Second day was a productive one. We were taught a lot of new stuff about the proper filing of documents of a company. Nothing much had happened except that I was forced to buy a small cup of french vanilla coffee in 7/11. I remembered Ate Kat’s Money Diaries because once again, I am being an impulsive buyer. (By the way, I’m keeping a personal money diary! Yay for me!)

I had to wake myself up, you know, I didn’t add the ‘coffee dependent’ part in my title for no reason.

Kapag nagseselfie ka tapos biglang pumasok si boss sa room.

Day 3

The highlight for the third day would probably be the conversation we had with Ma’am Jenny, our person-in-charge.

She told us so many things about Accounting, her life within and even outside the company, and other stuff, but there’s one line that really caught me off-guard.

“Kaya kayo, gawin niyo na lahat habang bata pa kayo. Hindi yung kung kailan matanda na kayo, saka kayo maghahabol. Tapos magiging, ‘Ay sige na, pwede na ‘to.'”

She literally told us that we should do everything while we still can so we won’t regret it when we’re already old enough to do it. She told us that we shouldn’t just settle for less.

I suddenly remembered my dream of having my own published book. I have so many wild dreams and that’s one of them. I want to see my own book lining up along with other ‘bestsellers’ in famous bookstores. Crazy, because I’m in a course that has obviously nothing to do with writing but, yeah.

If you’re going to dream, might as well make it big.

Day 4


We didn’t attend last Monday, so day four would be the last for this week.

The boss treated us for lunch today, yay! We had a little chit-chat with Ma’am Jenny again, and this time, she told us her story as a teenager/college student.

I guess she wouldn’t mind if I tell you what she’d been through. She’s indeed a strong woman. The stories she told us were crazy! Althroughout her stay in Sampaloc, Manila, she was living independently. If you grew up in Manila, you’ll know the little monkey businesses some people are doing here. If not, you’d probably heard them anyway.

There’s this one night, when Ma’am Jenny’s bag was snatched. Her bag was full of money that was intended for paying hospital bills.


“Ang nasa isip ko nalang no’n, ‘P*tangina! Kailangan kong kunin yung bag!’ kaya hinabol ko siya. Hindi niya yata alam na kasama ako sa varsity ng marathon sa school.”

(The only thing on my mind that time was, ‘Motherf*cker! I need to get that bag!’ so I chased him. He didn’t probably know that I’m a part of the marathon varsity in our school.)

That was really funny, actually. She also told us a little something about her love life way back in college.


“Nung sinagot ko yung asawa ko ngayon, hinalikan niya ako sa lips. Talagang nandiri ako nu’n! Nag-break kami agad. Kaya sabi ko, kapag may nanligaw sa akin ulit, hindi ko na sasagutin kasi hahalikan ulit ako.”

(When me and my husband became a couple, he kissed me on the lips. I was really grossed out that time! We broke up immediately. So I told myself, if someone ever courts me again, I will reject him because he’ll kiss me again.)

She told us that it was an on/off relationship, but one time, when Ma’am Jenny was about to really break-up with him, she kind of saw the sadness in his eyes and she told herself, ‘Aba, mahal ko yata talaga ‘tong lalaking ‘to ah.’ (Maybe, I really do love this guy.)

You think that’s cute? We also did until she told us one thing that I’ve decided to quote since it’s really worth quoting.

“Kapag totoong nagmamahalan kayo, para nalang kayong mag-bestfriend. Yung lust, wala na. Basta alam niyo na mayroong taong handang makinig sa inyo, kahit anumang mangyari. Nandoon kayo para sa isa’t isa, hindi sa mga maka-mundong bagay.”

(If you really love each other, you would treat each other as if you’re bestfriends. The lust is gone. As long as you know that there is someone who’s willing to listen, whatever may happen. You are there for each other, not for earthly things.)

That’s true love, for sure. She even added, ‘Ang dami-dami kong pinagdaanan, sa kanya parin pala ako babagsak.’ (I’ve been through a lot, yet I still ended up with him.)

I am a hopeless romantic, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m secretly hoping for that kind of relationship.

Let’s talk about that sometime soon, but for now, that’s 31 out of 300 OJT hours.

‘Til next time,

My First Day As An Intern

Today has been a reaaaally long day. I’m getting ready for bedtime, but I thought I should let you guys know how did my Tuesday went.

I started my On-the-Job Training today! For those who are not familiar with the term, graduating college students here in our country usually undergo trainings related to their chosen career.

I, as an incoming 5th year Accountancy student of a local university here in our city, was assigned to a department that is obviously aligned with Accounting functions of the company I’ve chosen.

Here’s a quick recap of my first day as an intern!

  • Waking up at 5 a.m. is torture.
  • Commuting took us approximately two hours! PH traffic at its finest.
  • Intramuros is such a lovely place. We arrived there at exactly 9 a.m.
  • Papers, papers, and more papers!
  • To be plain honest with you, Accountancy is a boring course. I don’t really know why I’m still here. LMAO.
  • I can’t wait to do more paper works tomorrow. Ugh.
  • But then again, Intramuros is a lovely place, and I’m glad to be here again!

Okay, so I don’t really plan on doing a blog post tonight. I just want to let you guys know what I’m up to since I’m going to be a bit busy for the following weeks! I’m going to do a weekly OJT Diary since I also wanted to keep track of my OJT experience.

That’s it for tonight, good night (or good morning because time zones suck) beautiful human beings!

‘Til the next one,


Have you ever heard a song on the radio that sounds so familiar, like you’ve heard it somewhere before — like it was a part of something significant in your life?

But all your memories seem so blurry, and the song’s almost over.

Somehow, that one thing is true. It was a part of who you used to be, before all of this happened. It was your song, before you tried to forget who you were. The uncertainty is haunting, but it’s insanely wonderful.

I have forgotten something.

Maybe the human mind can forget, but the heart will always remember.

Goodbye, Romeo

The date is April 15, 2018.

It’s been almost six years when we first met. Everything’s still clear to me like it all just happened yesterday. It started out as a friendly banter, you and I.

But that was six years ago. Hearts have been broken, feelings have been set aside, and words have been trapped too long inside. Six years ago, they said it was just a stupid crush, and I believed them. Everything fades, and eventually, this too shall fade.

But six years after, the foolish girl who believed those people is writing about the same boy. Again.

I am making a fool out of myself when I said I’d stop writing about you before. It took a hundred poems and a hundred more unsent letters for me to realize that I’ve been spilling ink for nothing. You never read them, anyway.

I knew that what I felt was real because until now, the emotion still lingers in me. It’s like it never left, you know? It’s like I never really stopped on loving you. Five years from now, I wish I can finally tell myself how stupid I was for letting you in my life. I will say, I never should have met you, but I am not really sure about that.

You’re still an asshole, though. An asshole whom I really loved. Remember what you said to me when I told you everything I’ve been dying to tell you since then?

“Ang big deal pala.”

That was the time when I told myself that I will not pursue you.

I loved you and yes, it was a big deal, you idiot. Your existence was a fucking big deal to me.

Remember when they started calling us Romeo and Juliet? It was cute, and we even won this stupid ‘Loveteam Of The Year’ award. You must have forgotten about that, too. I, on the other hand, made a big deal out of this and fell for you — even before they called us names we didn’t really asked for.

Romeo and Juliet suited us really well. Just like the famous Shakespeare masterpiece, ours was a tragedy.

I was ready to give you the universe, but you didn’t let me.

So this is goodbye, Romeo.

This is goodbye.